Oh Dear...

So, we were chatting about the cuckolding last night and she is not keen. I was asking her if she enjoyed sex and she says she does but has no inclination to sleep with other men. When we were having sex later she began to talk about taking another man, but I recognised it as her attempt to satisfy my fantasy, so I introduced another fantasy.... Her having sex with another woman. OMG - di she suddenly get soaked and squirted everywhere! Then she was up for more and while I fucked her i asked her to imagine another woman with a strap-on fucking her... it blew her mind! So perhaps she would be more inclined to sleep with another woman? This is not my fantasy. I will persue it and see if my theory is correct. It may end up that she leaves me for another woman, but if that is where she will ultimately be happy, who am I to stand in her way?


How did I become a cuckold?

Excerpt from the web: 

How did I become a cuckold?
I have had at least one request for this posting so here it is, a post regarding how all this happened after 15 years of marriage. To begin with, it was a very gradual progression of events, which occurred after many years. To be honest, the process can occur in a few years now because a lot more content and how tos are posted on the web. O/our adventure took quite a bit of time to gear up since back 5 years or so ago there was not nearly the same amount of information available. 

One reason may be that blogs are a lot easier to create today. Maybe cuckolding is booming now because women are finding that they *need* someone outside of their marriage to make sex fun and exciting again. It may also be that the "power of the pussy" is really gaining traction and it is becoming more the norm for the subby man to stay home just for the hope of licky "Mistresses pussy" when She comes home with a well fucked and swollen pussy. If you have some ideas for this part of the discussion, please by all means post, since there appears to be a fairly good readership to this blog (I am very excited about that I can tell you!!).

One of the key things that I did to move the cuckolding process forward, and this goes back years and years, was to be clear that I enjoyed being submissive to Her. In fact, one thing that drew me to Her from the get go (meaning before W/we started to date) was Her strong, dominant personality. It was there and all I had to do was help Her find Herself. Once She knew that I was submissive, I let Her pick out my clothing, lead in all lovemaking, and whenever possible dictate home policy. Please be clear that most of the time I have to take the lead in deciding where to eat out, and where to vacation, etc. since I do most of the heavy lifting (like packing and driving, etc.). She likes that I can take charge outside the bedroom as need - which makes Her life easier. But in the bedroom, She is in charge.

The key to the next step is to reinforce how much in charge She is in the bedroom. Massages and foot rubs and kneeling naked at operable times helps,... but the biggest two things that I found move the possess forward were continually providing Her with downloaded stories on femdom and chastity play and then cuckolding from the web (in that order) and buying Her a rabbit vibrator. Once She uncoupled me from Her sexual satisfaction (through reading while being pleasured by that rabbit) She enjoyed the concept of cuckolding me more and more. When we did make love, I would talk about how She would enjoy being fucked by the men in the stories,.. or enjoy having me in a submissive position as She got fucked,... or how She needed bigger cocks and harder fucks than I could give to Her,... and all this as She came thinking about cocks and fucking others. She liked it (how could She not).

The last big move was to get Her an account on Ashley Madison (or OK Cupid could work too). Once She started getting lots and lots of emails from men, all wanting Her and boosting Her confidence to unprecedented levels, She was hooked. It did not hurt that one of Her first dates was with the Big Man,... large, lusty, passionate, and honest. He wanted Her and He did not care who knew. She was swept off Her feet. Today She is making arrangements for a late week rendezvous that will go for hours as She hopes to be on the receiving end of 2 or 3 orgasms. She also hopes to give Him more than one,.. using all kinds of sensual stimuli. Oh my!

Horny Wednesday

Well, we are sort of getting back into our routine and tonight is our night for intimacy... I am not sure what we will do tonight, but I will keep you updated.


Bulls and Cuckolds

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I would like to see my wife do this...

Homemade Creampie

Last night my wife came to bed and asked me to give her the pillow I had taken from her side of the bed. I said I would only if she shagged me. She said "OK" and I said that I loved an easy woman. Moments later I was fucking her when I said I still hadn't had a creampie, she got so turned on when I said that. I suggested I come in her and go down on her straight after - she was uber excited! I came in her shortly and promptly went down on her and had my very first homemade creampie. She orgasmed so severely after that, that I wouldn't be surprised if she forced me to eat creampie from now on! Obviously, it would be so much better if it wasn't my own....


Bulls and Cuckolds